Leads for Financial Planners

If you are a financial planner who is based in South Africa, and you are looking for Quality Sales Leads, please contact us via email at info@financial-planners.co.za to discuss the various solutions we have on offer which are outlined below.

For the past 2 years, as we have developed our core business in Tax Consulting, Software Development, Business Development and Human Resources and Training, we realized we come into contact with many people who are prime candidates for financial planners to target for sales. As such, we are offering a limited number of Financial Planners the ability to buy some of these leads. We don't wanna too go into to much detail on the Website, so drop us a mail and we will send you all the information. We have put down some basic costings below, but just like all other people, we are open to negotiation.


Please contact us Directly at info@financial-planners.co.za and below you can download the brochure, application form and terms and conditions.


Leads Brochure Financial Planners

Application Form

Terms and Conditions Lead Generation

What kind of leads are these: These leads are quality leads and are indeed leads which we deal with in one of our supplementary business's. They are high quality.


Please note that we are looking for a financial planner to join one of our GROUP Companies to assist with sales in another field. Please contact us for more information. Our Corporate Website is at www.bluelinecapital.co.za

We also provide and search out great tips to help financial advisors generate leads.

We have teamed up with a great number of partners to educate advisors in lead generation of mass affluent clients using web based marketing techniques, as well as tele marketing tools.

We often hear from financial advisors….“where are the leads everyone is talking about?” and “i know they out there but how do I get their attention?”.

Let’s focus in on one huge segment of the South African population. If you’re looking for new leads, there are 1 000 000 people every year that effectively become job seekers .

Here are some great ideas on generating leads for your financial planning business: