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T&E FinOps
T&E FinOps
I help people define and achieve their financial dreams through financial advising and coaching.

I am Marcel T. Wasserman and I am a Financial Advisor who has a session to help people become financially independent and savvy. Do you know what amount you need to invest per month to reach your financial goals? Are your financial products integrated in such a way that you get guaranteed bonuses and paybacks? If you do not have answers for these questions let me come show you how.

So let’s have a meeting where we will create a financial game plan for you.

Here are some common questions I get:

1. What is in it for me?
You will get a financial plan customised for your specific goals and have your financial product portfolio reviewed and optimised.

2. What is in it for you?
I get to live out my passion by helping people become financially independent, as well as earn a commission from the insurer when I introduce a client to their products.

3. What products do you offer?
Investments, Pensions & Retirement Annuities, Personal & Commercial insurance, Group Schemes, Medical Aids, Wills & Testaments, Life Insurance, Buy and Sell Agreements, Financial Planning, and Mining and Petrol Rehabilitation.

4. Who do you represent?
We are independent financial advisors and planners, but our clients mostly choose Discovery products because of their integration benefits. We are also underwriters of all the major financial houses like Alan Grey, Liberty, Sanlam, Santam, Hollard, Coronation, Momentum, PPS, etc.

5. Who is T&E FinOps?
We are a family run business who have been servicing our 3000+ clients for 20 years. See more here:

If this interests you or someone you know, let’s set up a call or meeting and get started.

My best,
Marcel T. Wasserman